Bio / Ethics Statement


My name is Curtis, I am a multimedia artist and craftsperson based in Portland, Oregon. My work, rooted in the use of found, salvaged, and reclaimed materials, reflects upon and adds commentary to the material conditions brought about by decades of forged reliance on consumerism. This practice is divided into equal halves by two distinct pursuits: the pursuit of truth, and the pursuit of quality. As an artist, I attempt to cultivate a narrative around our place in post-industrial society and capture how institutional infrastructure and capitalism have shaped our culture. As a craftsperson, I attempt to create heirloom objects that will bring real value to their owner's lives while being available at a fair price. Both of these pursuits are conceived from the knowledge that the systems which have been erected around us are not equipped to withstand the future which they will bring about. I have thoroughly mourned the world that we have lost, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to bring about the change necessary to build the future that future generations deserve. No matter how insignificant the actions of one individual may be, I will never stop trying. 

-Ethics Statement-

I am committed to my principles above all else, my singular ambition is to have an overall positive impact on the world. The following are the standards to which I will hold myself as an individual, artist, and business person:

1. I will utilize reclaimed, salvaged, found, and recycled materials whenever possible, even if the result is more time having to be spent collecting and processing those materials.

2. Any "new" materials that I use will be ethically and sustainably sourced, meaning that I will extensively research the supplier's environmental, political, and labor practices before making a purchase. 

3. I will make every attempt to keep my products as affordable as possible. I recognize the immense responsibility that comes with asking people to give up money which they earned in exchange for their time, I am committed to only offering products which offer value, joy, and quality in excess of their price. 

4. I will only produce "heirloom" items. Often the term "sustainable" when used in marketing means that an item is easier to process or recycle once thrown away, I would rather create an item which never has to be thrown away as long as it is cared for properly. 

5. I will make every effort to fully educate myself in all areas and topics addressed through my artwork and outreach. I will carefully consider the messaging carried by any object or content which I release into the world, and actively seek feedback from others in order to ensure that my intended message is being faithfully delivered. 

6. I will donate a portion my time or income to another artist or craftsperson on a monthly basis, I will prioritize people who belong to marginalized communities.

7. I will carefully consider any and all criticism that I may receive in an attempt to be better in the future.